Who Are We?

AEG was developed to meet the professional needs of geologists who apply their scientific training and experience to a broad range of civil and environmental engineering applications. As the founding section of AEG in 1957, the Sacramento Section has been the home of many dedicated professionals that were instrumental in developing the high standards of practice that govern our profession today. The founding goal of AEG was to provide leadership in the development and application of geologic principles and knowledge to serve engineering, environmental and public needs.

As keepers of the legacy of excellence passed down from our founding and former members, the Sacramento Section is committed to fulfilling this mission and serving our members to further their professional success and personal growth in this field! We are committed to maintaining the integrity and social value of our profession and the services we provide. Monthly meetings and periodic field trips and workshops, are all functions that the AEG Sacramento Section provides to serve its membership and improve the quality of our work.

The San Joaquin Valley Chapter of AEG, which is part of the Sacramento Section, is located in Fresno, California and meets approximately once a quarter. The Chairman of the SJV Chapter is Richard Fink, who can be reached at RFink@Kleinfelder.com, or 559.486.0750.

What do we actually do at our meetings? Click here!